Home & Residential Moving

We handle everything from packing to final arrangement at your new house. Whether you have children’s items, garden items or rare collections we take the anxiety out of moving, ensuring your domestic life is not disrupted.

Baka movers is your one-stop destination for everything relating to Home Shifting Services . We are continuously no.1 and most experienced Movers and Packers Company . We are very professionally trained to pack, unpack, load and unload any kind of households items with care & perfection.



Ok, now that we’ve got the excitement part of moving out of the way—it’s time to talk about the less fun part. THE ACTUALLY MOVING PART. The process of house moving can seem daunting. It’s a process that starts months in advance (if you’re the organized type), or weeks, or (god forbid) days in advance. It usually starts with the stark realization that you’ve accumulated an insane amount of rubbish over the last few years. This is usually the stage at which the stress and unshakeable dread settle in. Not to worry. Seriously, stop worrying, moving companies have you covered.