Commercial Moving

Corporate relocation and commercial moving can be a large, complex undertaking. Generally speaking, most brick and mortar businesses aren’t made to move around easily. When a company has put down roots in a particular location, they’re often resistant to the idea of moving.

However, sometimes circumstances allow—or even dictate—that a commercial move is the next step in a company’s future. When this is the case, it’s important not to leave the success of the commercial move to chance. A professional, experienced, thorough moving company will ensure your transition is an easy one.

Baka Movers is Canada’s premiere commercial moving company. We make sure everything is taken care of. From packing up, to setting up. Our team is made up of qualified moving professionals. We hand select our team based on their ability to provide superior customer service. There are many moving companies in Canada, but Baka Movers sets itself apart from the pack.

Don’t want to pack your equipment yourself? Try Baka Movers packing services. Before moving to a new office, or a new town, have the professionals properly pack and prioritize your assets.

Baka Movers also proudly offers a junk removal service. Over the years, a business can acquire a whole bunch of superfluous “stuff”. From furniture, to odd and ends, a lot of junk can accumulate. Baka Movers will have your business’ junk removed in a hurry

While in the process of corporate relocation, it’s important to remember that there are stages of that process. During the move, you may want to consider temporary storage for some of your equipment and furniture. Baka Movers offers secure, effective commercial storage solutions to all of our clients.